Border quarantine case

Tongan national in Fiji border quarantine facility tests COVID-19 positive

The 22-year-old travelled with his 23-year old colleague who was also registered positive for the virus on 29 April by health authorities in Fiji.

Both travelers were returning home from Guyana in South America.

They transited via Auckland, New Zealand and arrived in Nadi on the last inbound commercial passenger flight on 22 April as Fiji stopped international travel after COVID-19 cases were confirmed.

Head of Health Protection at Fiji’s Ministry of Health, Dr Alisha Sahu Khan confirmed the border quarantine case in a press conference this evening.

Tongan national tests COVID-19 positive in Fiji

The 23-year-old passenger travelled from Guyana in South America and was returning home to Tonga.

He was on the last flight into Fiji from Auckland on 22 April after authorities stopped all international flights.

The border quarantine case is one of five new COVID-19 cases announced by Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for Health, Dr James Fong this evening.

The traveler is in quarantine in Nadi.

Another man who travelled from Papua New Guinea has also tested positive for COVID-19.

Fiji records first COVID-19 death

At a press conference today (Friday), the Minister for Health Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete said the man had returned from India where he had recently undergone cardiac-related surgery.

The man contracted COVID-19 in India.

There were nine border quarantine cases reported from Fijians who were repatriated from India on 1 July.

The cases were confirmed on 20 July.

According to Dr Waqainabete, each of the patients have been securely isolated and have not had any contact with the public.

There has been no new COVID-19 case since 20 July.