Chimbu Governor Noah Kool

​Affordable TV for Chimbu

The product was officially launched on Tuesday, July 12, by the Governor of Chimbu Province, Noah Kool.

The official launch of the tower transmission was held at the TNA Supermarket, Digicel Play’s new retail outlet in Kundiawa town. Crowds gathered to witness the opening by the Governor and his Deputy Governor James Kendyagl, Digicel Goroka general manager Peter Chromiec and Simbu local SP PNG Hunters player Nickson Borana.

Chimbu Governor says much more drought aid needed

Much of the Highlands region has been affected by drought and frost which have destroyed food gardens.

The PNG Government started rolling out food aid several weeks ago but the Chimbu Governor Noah Kool says it is not enough.

He says Port Moresby has to under a proper assessment of the number of people affected and the help they will need for a drought expected to extend into 2016.