eating healthy

How to eat healthy when on the road

It's a two-hour commute to the nearest airport. At Departures, growing hunger pangs are curbed with a pre-prepared sandwich from the nearest food outlet followed by snacks in the business class lounge.

Over a six-hour plane journey, you alternate between struggling to sleep, working on upcoming presentations and feasting on the food and alcohol you're being offered. You might not really be that hungry -- but it's there and it's free -- so you're going to eat it.

So, will you eat better this year?

Scientists have found that a simple question such as "will you exercise this year?" gets better results than declaring "I will exercise".

The thinking is that when we are asked such a question it causes a psychological response that can influence us in future.

Fun healthy snacks for picky kids

You obviously want your child to eat wholesome, nutritious, and delicious food without having to fight tooth and nail to get it in his/her mouth! Here's where these healthy and fun snack ideas come in! Try a few of these recipes out on your persnickety little rugrat and chances are you'll find a new fan in at least a few of them.

1. Meat & Cheese Roll-Ups with Pretzel Skewers

A whole body approach to fat loss

Ask 100 different fitness experts this question, and you’ll probably get 80 or more different answers.   That’s one reason why fitness and fat loss gets so darn confusing-everybody seems to have “the answer.”

You’ve got 101 different theories about how to induce fat loss including super-slow training, heart rate training, circuit training, Pilates, high-rep weight training, and aerobics.