Fundraising drive in Auckland for Tongan NGO

The centre is Tonga's main public service for women and children needing refuge from domestic violence.

Organiser, Reverend Asora Amosa said January's volcanic eruption has inspired people to help.

"It's in our human DNA to help. Part of our makeup is to help. That is primarily the reason for our team to reach out in this fashion, it's the passion and spirit of giving, to help out someone in need."

The donation drive ends Saturday.


Pasifika urged to use their voice this election

Advance voting has been open for five days with more than 370-thousand people already completing the ballot at the booths, and October 17 is election day.

The Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) said election time is a good time for the Pacific community, especially youth, to engage in what each political party stands for.

"Pacific families must have honest conversations with each other about what the benefits are for different policy options," according to the acting Chief Executive of the PCF Fiso John Fiso.

Film Highlighting Climate Change and Migration Launched in Suva

“The Land Beyond the Horizon” captures the stories of Pacific islanders whose lands and livelihoods are threatened by climate change, as well as those who have had to relocate to other countries, and discusses the impacts on their lives, cultures, languages and traditions. 

The film also features exclusive footage and interviews with prominent leaders such as the President Anote Tong of Kiribati, Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga of  Tuvalu and Mary Robinson, the United Nations Special Envoy on Climate Change – leaders in the frontline of climate change efforts throughout the world.

Pac NGO's want face to face meetings with Forum Leaders

The pre-forum meetings were held on Tuesday between the past, present and future chairpersons of the forum namely the leaders of the Marshall Islands, Palau and Papua New Guinea.

Pacific NGO spokesperson Ann Singeo says the pre-forum meetings could become an important space for input from civil society organisations in the region ahead of the forum proper.