Tonga had assurances cable almost failproof - Senituli

Tonga lost its internet and phone connections on Sunday last week when the Tonga Cable linking it with Fiji was cut.

A second cable to the outer islands was also severed.

A government spokesperson, Lopeti Senituli, said there were already talks between Tonga Cable, the Tonga Communications Corporation and the Ministry of Communications, to ensure such a problem doesn't recur.

He said the government had previously been given an understanding there was almost no chance of the cable failing.

Digicel Tonga addresses connectivity issues

It’s been 8-days with the outage and Digicel Tonga continues to face data connectivity issues because of the major fibre cut in the submarine cable resulting in the unstable data services.   

Digicel wishes to advise all its customers that they can make International and Locals calls as well as send text messages both locally and international, however using data services will only allow you to use basic services such as browsing to stay connected with family and friends.