Fatal road accident

Man dies in Tonga road racing tragedy

The victim is a 26-year-old man of Vainī.

Police said two cars, each driven by male drivers, with no passengers, were racing at high-speed heading in an eastward direction on Taufa‘ahau Road at Veitongo.

The accident occurred when one car tried to takeover while the other blocked the overtaking car.

The driver of the overtaking car, who sustained various injuries to his upper body, was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Tonga car crash victims were “teachers and best friends”

Fangufangu Mana Jr Lātū and Sōsefo Kalangalupe Lōloa were passengers in a car that collided with a van on Tafa’ahau main road on Saturday night.

Latu and Loloa were returning from a barbecue party at Lapaha.

Loloa’s wife Tu’itamala Lōloa confirmed to Kaniva News last night that she was driving the car at the time of the accident.

Latu and Loloa are being remembered for their friendship since they were at Tonga High School.

Loloa was teaching at Talafo’ou Government School while Latu held a Teaching Assistant post at the university.


Suspected drunk driver killed in crash in Tonga

Police said a 24-year-old was driving when his 1500 kg pick up van veered off the road and hit a Pulukamu tree near Malapo.

Police Chief Inspector Tupou ʻOtutaha told Kaniva News they have information alcohol was a contributing factor in the crash.

The driver was the only person in the van while the incident occurred.

ʻOtutaha also said Police found a significant increase in motorists driving after consuming alcohol this year and as a result death toll also increasing significantly.