Drought conditions in Tonga islands

The island did not receive the expected rain during the wet season and Tonga Met Services has issued a drought warning.

Rainfall in Niuafo’ou in the past six months have been below average.

According to Tonga Met Services, these conditions are expected to continue until at least July.

A drought alert has been issued for Niautoputapu, Vava’u and Ha’apai.

The Tonga Met Services said rainfall has been somewhat chaotic fluctuating between below average and above average in the past three months.

New power plants bring local jobs, and reliable energy to the Ha’apai and Niua islands

The Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Climate Change and Communications (MEIDECC) has signed a NZ$15 million contract for the project with Joint Venture partners, Infratec and its sister company NETcon.

The New Zealand based companies will engineer, procure and commission renewable energy power plants and distribution networks to deliver power to homes and community buildings on each of the islands, to be completed by mid-2022.

Port works scheduled for Niuas

The work will focus on repairing the loading and unloading areas as well as the docking area, and replacement of bollards and fenders at the jetties on the two islands.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ringo Fa’oliu signed a contract recently with the Managing Director of Puloka Construction, Tevita Puloka for the portworks.

A technical assessment in 2018 identified maritime safety works required in the outer island ports in Ha’apai, Vava’u, Eua and the Niuas to make the ports safe for vessels and the travelling public.

Tonga's northern Niuas gets new boat link

Last week the 50 foot trimaran was commissioned by King Tupou VI.

Sitiveni Halapua, who led the project, said the 'Utuma'atu was about two weeks away from its maiden voyage.

He said the boat would take about 48 hours to sail the 600 kilometres to the Niuas in the northern part of Tonga, and would be able to carry 12 people and two tonnes of cargo.

Dr Halapua said people in the Niuas would now have greater and cheaper access to goods and supplies.

Two Niuas record 100% Form 6 pass rate

The Principal of Niua Fo’ou High School – ‘Enesi Vatuvei said, form 6 students sat the national exam last year and they all passed.

In form 5, 15 sat the exam and only 7 passed and in form 7, 2 passed from 4 students.

The Principal of Niuatoputapu High School – Veisinia Kilikiti said, 25 form 5 students sat the exam and only 12 passed.

Form 6 recorded 100% pass rate with 4 students sitting and passing the exam.

Form 7 recorded a 50% pass rate, with 2 passing out of 4 students.