Tonga’s newly re-furbished Malau Community Hall opens in Eua

The Prime Minister Dr Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa and Japanese Ambassador Tetsuya Ishii commissioned the building, with the Minister of Finance and 'Eua People's Representative, Tevita Lavemaau present.

Ambassador Ishii said the successful completion of re-building the community hall was a joint collaboration funded by the people of Japan through the Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects and also by Tonga’s Government, the 'Eua community and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

Another partner was MORDI Tonga.

Digicel joins Cyclone Relief on Éua Island

The team paid a visit to twenty key customers whose homes were damaged or destroyed during Tropical Cyclone Harold on 9th April.

The Cyclone also resulted in the destruction of Digicel Tonga's Éua Retail Store which was located at Ofeina Building on Ohonua near Éua's main wharf. 

In the visit to these twenty families, a sigh of relief and appreciation was extended to Digicel for the assistance and support during this time. 

Wharves and coastal roads in Tonga need repairing after Cyclone Harold

When the severe cyclone hit, it coincided with a king tide, which caused considerable coastal damage.

The chief executive of the National Emergency Management Office, Paula Ma'u, said on 'Eua this wrecked a number of houses and offices and also eroded a graveyard.

He said some of the bodies had been recovered but others had been swept out to sea.

Mr Ma'u said people whose homes were inundated on 'Eua and also around Tongatapu's Fanga'uta Lagoon, had been rehoused in tents and supplied with kitchen equipment.

Tonga Red Cross distributes relief items to more than 100 households in Eua

This is part of their response to the destruction caused by Tropical Cyclone Harold.

In a latest statement, the organization expressed appreciation for their volunteers who put in the extra effort to make the distributions successful.

The First Aid Bystanders in Eua Island have successfully helped transfer patients case to the Navy boat to be taken to Tongatapu, since the wharf at Eua has been damaged by TC Harold.

Tonga police seize 108 cannabis plants in drug raid

No one has been arrested in relation to this seizure.

The drug raid took place on Wednesday, 23 October.

Tonga police are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious in the area recently or has any other information valuable to contact them.

Following the seizure the Drug Enforcement Taskforce arrested a 23-year-old man from Fahefa on Saturday 26 October for drug-related offence.

According to police, 6.62 grams of cannabis was allegedly seized from the accused’s vehicle following a road accident.

Tonga police arrest drug suspect on Eua

The suspect was arrested on Thursday 13 December 2018 at Nafanua Wharf around 3:50 pm.

Inside the bag were 3.2 kilograms of cannabis suspected to have been intended for conveyance to Tongatapu on the domestic ferry that was to depart ‘Eua at 4:30 pm that day.

The Commander of the „Eua Police Station Inspector Loluhama Fine said, “We continue to focus on capturing and prosecuting those responsible for the supply of these destructive drugs that cause harm to our youths, families and our community.”

Police seize 16,000 marijuana seeds in Tonga

The bag of seeds was found on a road on the eastern side of ‘Eua at Lokupo last week by an elderly man who owns a tax allotment close by.

Police Superintendent in ‘Eua -Inspector Loluhama Fine says they arrested a man from the allotment two weeks ago for cultivation and possession of drugs.

They collected from that warrant more than 200 marijuana plants with more than a thousand seeds. Radio Tonga reports the man has been previously convicted of charges related to illegal drugs.

No one has been charged for the latest seeds collected.

Tongan man relieved to be rescued at sea

Father of two Tupou Veamatahau, 27, told the NZ Herald he saw an aircraft approaching his life raft and thought, "Oh, good. Thank you."

"No eat, no drink for three days. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - nothing,'' he said.

Mr Veamatahau phoned a contact in Tonga on Saturday evening at 6pm Tonga local time to say the engine had broken down on his small five-metre fibreglass boat, as he was returning to Ohonua Harbour on Tonga's Eua Island.

Upgrading of Power Distribution Grid in Vava’u and ‘Eua Will Receive USD$5 million

Energy Specialist at ADB’s Pacific Regional Department – Woo Yul Lee, told the Financial News Agency that the grid rehabilitation will promote greater efficiency and reduce electricity distribution losses.

The improvements will make Tonga’s power distribution network more resilient to climate change and rehabilitate electricity network in remote parts of the country.

The kingdom is heavily reliant on fossil fuels like diesel for our energy, consuming an estimated 13 million liters every year to generate electricity for over 103,000 of the country’s residents.

Te Tau Lava tournament held in 'Eua

The best teams on the day were:

Under 18- Malia Fatima 
Senior A- Niu'eiki 
Senior B- Pangai

The games were competitive but the focus of the tournament was on living healthy lifestyles, active communities and the empowerment of women and girls.

The tournament marked the beginning of a year of coaching, training and development of netball on the island.