Man dies in loader accident in Tonga

The deceased was reportedly driving the loader on a steep road between Taoa and Vaipua when the  incident occurred.

It was unclear whether the loader was doing roadworks in the area or not before the incident happened.

The deceased has been named as Kalei Fonua of Leimatu’a, Vava’u, according to reports by relatives and family members on Facebook.

Neiafu Town Officer Vāvā Lapota has confirmed the incident to Kaniva News.

Reports on social media said the deceased was working for the Veisiale Construction.

Vava’u residents baffled by accident involving road roller

Kaniva News reported that the road roller overturned and fell into the sea at Vaipua Bridge in Neiafu Wednesday morning.

The driver was unharmed.

Questions have emerged about whether the driver, who was sent from Tongatapu by the Ministry to operate the road roller, was familiar with the area’s steep roads.

Neiafu Town Officer Vāvā Lapota said there were also allegations the roller’s brakes were unsafe.

He said about nine Ministry employees, including the driver, arrived from Tongatapu on Tuesday.

Drought conditions in Tonga islands

The island did not receive the expected rain during the wet season and Tonga Met Services has issued a drought warning.

Rainfall in Niuafo’ou in the past six months have been below average.

According to Tonga Met Services, these conditions are expected to continue until at least July.

A drought alert has been issued for Niautoputapu, Vava’u and Ha’apai.

The Tonga Met Services said rainfall has been somewhat chaotic fluctuating between below average and above average in the past three months.

Authorities in Tonga’s Vava’u seize and destroy expired frozen meat products

Neiafu Town Officer Vāvā Lapota claimed some cartons of meat arrived in Vava’u in what he described as “repacked” boxes.

He also claimed some of these frozen meat were expired according to their expiry dates recorded on the boxes but the business owners who purchased the meat insisted the dates showed the meat were still in good condition for consumption.

5 Vava’u projects receive climate change funds

Four of the projects are water tanks for Vava’u High School and Feletoa, Tefisi and Pagaimotu villages.

The other project involves renovation of an evacuation centre at Holeva.

Fifteen water tanks will be presented to each of the village.

Members of the villages committees received training about the processes and procedures in regards to the fund and the maintaining and monitoring of the project.

Vava’u fans breach airport regulations during rugby league stars visit

They ignored warnings from Police who were there to make sure everyone was safe.

Police appeared happy before moving aside to watch.

Some Mate Ma’a Tonga players including Konrad Hurrell and Peni Terepo flew from Tongatapu to Vava’u after they were welcomed to the kingdom on Tuesday with a national celebration which featured public floats, royal ceremony and a block party.

Women in Vava’u surrounded the aircraft’s stairway and carried the MMT stars.

Terepo and Hurrell appeared elated while they were carried by the fans.

Rooftop solar panels to help save on power bills

The completion of the project was officially inaugurated on July 3rd in Vava’u by the Crown Prince, Tupouto’a ‘Ulukalala.

The project was funded by the Federal Republic of Germany through a grant of 100,000 EURO which is approximately T$250,000 pa’anga.

The solar panel is expected to reduce the hospital’s electricity consumption which in return will increase savings that can be allocated to benefit the hospital.

Real Tonga assures flights will resume from Vava’u

Tevita Palu, director of Real Tonga told Radio Tonga News assured the flights are likely to resume later today. 

Spare parts for the two aircraft are expected to arrive tonight or tomorrow to help ease the situation.

Palu said the MA60 will resume operation on Saturday after several training flights were conducted. 

Tongan Police struggle to apprehend escaped US murder accused

54 year old Dean Jay Fletcher escaped from police custody at Vavaʻu Police Station at approximately 3.30am yesterday, 29 September 2016, a Police statement said.

Police confirmed Fletcher has used his own yacht to enable his escape.

“At 06.00am Police on board the Police Boat “Kapakau ‘O Tafahi” located the escaped prisoner and his yacht at approximately 6 – 10 miles Northwest of Vavaʻu and are attempting to apprehend him”, the statement said.

Digicel Launches Microwave Connectivity to Ha’apai and Vava’u

The islands will now enjoy 5 times faster internet speeds as a result of moving from satellite to microwave connectivity providing superior and unmatched mobile and home broadband experience the same as fibre.